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“This makes no damn sense. Who is this for?!” My first thoughts when Mark and Jesse ran through the concept for 29029 with myself and the Brand Apart strategists. I would come to discover that there is a healthy number of people scratching at the chance to climb a ski slope 14+ times just to reach 29,029 vertical feet. Honestly, I kind of want to do it too. Kind of.


The challenge was to embody this wild, never been done before experience into a bold brand identity system.


Scope & Roles

Design: Felix Oliha

Art Direction: Felix Oliha

Strategy: Brand Apart

Photography: 29029

The Mountain

When exploring the identifying mark for 29029, the intent was to avoid literal representation. Though the intent was good, we ultimately realized that this experience was such a leap for most to buy-in to, that a literal logo was warranted. It clearly set the stage for what was to come.

This is the medal design from the first 29029 back in 2017.

Sacred Geometry Mural

Honoring the basis of Serenbe’s intentional community design, the mural brings together strict geometric structure and the Biophilic principle of inter-connectivity.



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