Autism Support Branded with Purpose

Autism Support Branded with Purpose Autism Support Branded with Purpose Notables Autism Support Branded with Purpose Georgia, and the nation as a whole, has incredibly limited support systems available for parents and their children living with autism. The team at Elevation pushed to rectify this gap in care. With the founding of this new venture, […]

Boosting Another Itzler Brand

Notables Boosting Another Itzler Brand Jesse Itzler–the man, the myth–has built yet another extension of his empire. Build Your Life Resume (BYLR) is a coaching series dedicated to Jesse’s core ethos, live life without regrets. Jesse and his team reached out with a simple directive: It needs to be bold, brazen, and bad ass. Our […]

A Motion Piece for Strange Times

Notables A Motion Piece for Strange Times We are in incredibly strange times. There is no doubt. The Brand Apart team felt the need to say something, to support the community, and to give voice to our collective experience. Nowadays, I’m not often given an opportunity to build a motion piece in its entirety. […]

Celebrating Peace Prep Academy​

Notables Celebrating Peace Prep Academy Peace Prep Academy is a beacon in metro Atlanta. Through the donations of the community, PPA is able to support to academic and social development of underprivileged on the west side of ATL. I’ve had the pleasure of designing Peace Pre’s annual stewardship report for the past 2 years as […]